Entry #6

So Here's the reality

2008-08-30 03:05:05 by TX2

My Progress on Bridgette Brian and the Bunny 3 is... Well it's not bad... just absent.

My Progress on Don Keyote... still procrastinating on that.

The Status of my work with Barrytoon: He's still living in South California and I'm not.

So I should probably reconsider my priorities. I'll try and submit something really worth watching before the end of this year.

My Progress on the Magic 8 Ball girl comic: Well, at least I have one thing going for me.

So Here's the reality


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2008-09-06 17:19:43

lol thaqts really funny. so wats this about bridgget and brian three huh

TX2 responds:

I haven't had time to invest in BBB lately


2008-10-26 16:31:04

So funny


2008-12-08 17:27:42

Woah Man!
I wanna Go were That Turtles Going!!!


2008-12-28 05:04:28

Lol that's funnny


2008-12-28 05:19:35

I can't wait for the next 8 ball girl comic


2009-01-13 04:39:54

we believe in you.


2009-02-18 11:04:02



2009-11-13 23:34:15

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