So Here's the reality

2008-08-30 03:05:05 by TX2

My Progress on Bridgette Brian and the Bunny 3 is... Well it's not bad... just absent.

My Progress on Don Keyote... still procrastinating on that.

The Status of my work with Barrytoon: He's still living in South California and I'm not.

So I should probably reconsider my priorities. I'll try and submit something really worth watching before the end of this year.

My Progress on the Magic 8 Ball girl comic: Well, at least I have one thing going for me.

So Here's the reality

Current Standings

2008-02-05 03:36:01 by TX2

I just submitted a collection of Odds and ends, called "Not the Puppy" and I do have a few more things up my sleave before I keal over and die...

Just kidding, but still there's some more things on the way. I have this one Naruto Action figure movie that should fill the empty void between now and whenever shippuden starts for you Naruto fans... ok, no amount of action figure humor could fill that void, but what can you do.

Also, Some of you may notice I started a web Comic During December. The Art is craptastic, but it's considered to be funny, and hey, it updates daily for those of you who can't wait every 2 months or so for my next flash toon.

The site is The Adventures of Magic 8 Ball Girl

Current Standings


2007-12-03 22:27:26 by TX2

Bridgette Brian and the Bunny 2 did pretty well. Putting "Cheese Porn" in the title definately scored a little extra attention, And everyone who's viewed it so far is happy with it.

I think I have time to finish one more project before the end of the year. And I'll be starting the third BBB toon soon enough. I'll keep updating here, but for more details on my work, I recommend lurking in my Sketch Blog or Deviant art account.

Here's a little taste of what to expect for the next BBB


And I am BACK!!

2007-10-25 19:09:00 by TX2

Hello again Newgrounds!!! The last Time I was really really involved in this site was almost a year ago during Ash Versus the Two Towers. Well, I'm finally back in full force, and I have plenty of things on the way for this season.
You can Already view my new cartoon: Legend of Luik,
and Bridgette Brian and the Bunny 2 is on it's way as well.
We also have a return of Vic and Sean from Ask PC (though if you watch my Deviantart page, that's nothing new).
And we may get a visit from a Certain enemy of Windmills at long last.

Who. It feels great to be back!

New Project Coming Very soon

2007-09-12 10:50:42 by TX2

A good couple of my projects are almost ready. If I play my cards right I'll have something up for September.

There's plenty more details on the sketchblog, including video previews of my work in progress.

with that, I leave you with this Drawing of Brian from BBB2.

New Project Coming Very soon

What's next in store

2007-07-21 12:00:37 by TX2

There hasn't been much uploaded. I've been spending my time teaching myself how to draw better, writing little short stories, and making large flash projects that are going to take a while to complete.

I'll try uploading smaller Projects in the future.
Until then, here's a bottle of cola with a dagger in it.

What's next in store